My new album – Jai Yen – is now available on Bandcamp.

3686 London ghosts Jai Yen 4

Jai Yen is a Thai or Khmer expression meaning “keep a cool heart”. Its interpretations are diverse but the sounds on this album express the essence of Jai Yen – serenity at times of adversity, beauty and pain competing for space in our worlds.


Many years ago Miles Davis said that he had to do something creative every single day of his life or it was a day wasted. At the time I read that quote it struck a big chord and I have tried to follow that creed ever since. Miles spent his life not just making music but changing the way music was played and heard. He also branched out into other creative worlds, mainly art. Miles was a bright star in the darkness while most of us are falling dust  and will never light the sky. But making music, images, or alchemising words – even in the smallest of ways – will always be my passion.

My music and sound work has taken various forms over time including contributions to many albums, films, games, and sound installations around the world. Many thanks to all those who have used my sounds.

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